LATE NEWS Submission

The LATE NEWS abstract submission website will be open until April 27th, 2018. You can access it here. The LATE NEWS abstract for CSW 2018 is limited to two pages, the first one of text and the second one of figures. Please use this file (MSWord or PDF) as a template and don't change the fonts or format. Thank you!

For LATE NEWS, we are looking forward to your most recent breakthroughs in the following topics:

0. Focus Session on Ga2O3

1. Materials and Characterization
1.1 Narrow bandgap materials
1.2 Nanostructures
1.3 Novel materials (nanocarbon, 2D materials, and non-Ga2O3 oxides) & characterization. 
1.4 Wide bandgap materials

2. Devices and Technologies
2.1 High-frequency devices
2.2 Power electronics
2.3 Semiconductor Lasers
2.4 Optoelectronics: devices and integration

3. Physics and Emerging Devices
3.1 Semiconductor physics
3.2 Organic semiconductors and flexible electronics
3.3 Other novel device concepts including ferroelectrics, spintronics etc. 


To register, please click here. The  Registration Fees for CSW 2018 are $675 for regular attendees, and $500 for students if the registration is done before April 1st. The fees will increase by $75 after that date.